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Automotive Support

Computer technology and online presence is the new backbone of the automotive industry. Whether you own a dealership, service shop, or sell practically anything on wheels, we at Rezz Tech have you covered. Through years of experience in the field and vast expertise with many dealer management systems, we will ensure that your business experiences improved sales numbers while increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

Managed IT Services

Affordable IT services in the automotive industry are hard to come by. We at Rezz Tech recognized a need for automotive support that won’t break the bank- all the while providing a service that will individualize your company’s specific needs. Instead of ignoring your personalized hardware and sales system requirements, we will work directly with you to establish which systems are required for your company’s optimal performance.

Digital Marketing

Our automotive digital marketing strategies are designed to yield a tremendous ROI for your company. The automotive industry is about as competitive as it gets. Trust Rezz Tech with your social media marketing, ad creation, email marketing, and SEO practices, as well as a wide variety of other digital marketing services. Increase your company’s brand awareness and dominate the competition by contacting us today.


Our number one goal here at Rezz Tech is transparency. We are committed to being as open as possible with every client and will never hide information or misinform. Companies these days tend to employ slippery tactics that are only a short-term fix to a long-term problem. From start to finish, Rezz Tech will be upfront and honest about everything with each client. We care more about client success and retention than the number of clients we have under our belt. For this reason, we measure success in our ability to keep your business up and running day and night. Doing so will generate more leads and sales for your company in return.

Who Our Clients Are…

Rezz tech has experience in almost every industry you can imagine. While we would like to consider ourselves a jack of all trades, we do primarily focus on automotive/boat sales & service companies. If you are the owner of a car dealership, boat dealership, recreational vehicle dealership, semi truck dealership, automotive service shop, boat service shop, or powersports dealership- contact us today! We can provide an in-depth analysis of your unique business to determine if we are a good fit. We built our business on providing state of the art strategies with quality on demand service. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or otherwise known as “SEO” can either be beneficial or hinder your business. Managing an SEO account for your campany takes hours of hard work and dedication to see any results. Luckily, we at Rezz Tech know how to provide your company with high quality SEO without any black hat tricks.

Network Optimization

Your network is the backbone of your company. Day after day it allows you and your employees to keep working. This is why it’s impererative that your company gets the absolute most out of it. Here at Rezz Tech, our goal is to make sure that your network is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Audience Targeting

With technology at our finger tips targeting methods have drastically changed. Instead of targeting everyone in an area and hoping you hit your target audience, we are now able to target specific audiences. This helps your company generate more return for its budget. What does this mean for your business? It means that we are now able to put the right message in front of the right audience to provide the right result.

Network Security

Due to the digital age we currently live in, we understand that providing an absolutely secure network to each and every client is a must! Here at Rezz Tech we’ve seen firsthand just how devesting a non-secure network can be. Everything from holding a company’s files for ransom to an outside source hacking into the company’s private network, Rezz Tech has helped clean up the carnage. By choosing Rezz Tech, you and your company can be assured that disasters like these will be avoided.


The Secret of Networking

Secure and Effective Networking

Managed Firewalls

With a correctly managed firewall, we can diminish the risk to your network.


With proper Vlan’s, we can section off parts of your network to help stop an attack or virus from spreading to your entire network.

Content Filtering

Content filtering will enable us to block sites that can cause harm to your business and stop these threats before they become an issue.

Geo Filtering

With Geo Filtering Rezz Tech can block countries that present a high risk of causing harm to your network.

Digital Marketing

The Secret of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a must for practically any type of business. With proper lead generation and an effective strategy, you can see a substantial growth for your business and a considerable ROI.

Social Media

With our Social Media ad’s, we are able to show the right ad to the right person for the right result.


Pay-per-click can be a great asset or it can be a costly one. With our A|B testing and extensive negative keyword list, we are able to provide our clients with the best PPC results on the market.

Email Marketing

Sending an email blast to everyone hoping someone replies used to be the most common method of email marketing. With proven methods, we are able to target potential customers with a more refined search.


YouTube is a great form of brand exposure. With proper video content / video tagging you can show your product or service in front of millions. Our Goal here at Rezz Tech is to help you along the way. 

Our Partners

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