Are Your Potential Customers Reading Your Emails?

Are Your Potential Customers Reading Your Emails?

Today our blog “Are Your Potential Customers Reading Your Emails” covers email marketing. As you know, email marketing is an extremely beneficial. How it reaches a lot of people quickly with a message, promotion, or specific information. Many companies utilize an email marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis for numerous reasons. This form of marketing is extremely inexpensive, which is an obvious reason for its widespread attractiveness and usage.

Due to the low cost, your company is likely to see a very high ROI using this marketing channel. This is why several companies love using email marketing. The following will discuss a few tactics that will improve your email marketing strategy to generate a better return.

What are you thinking?

I know what your thinking, email marketing is all about the right wording in the subject line. While the subject field is a very important part of enticing a click, just making sure you have an eye-catching subject won’t cut it. Many people will delete or look over an email immediately if it looks like it’s been sent to everyone and their mother. The first step you and your company can take to make each email a touch more personal is actually send it addressed from a person.

The content will be the same, but if your name is attached along with your brand (not just your brand), it will look more like the communication is directly targeted at the reader. It’s recommended that you segment your email correspondence by similar recipient groups. For instance, if your company sells men and women’s clothing, it isn’t the best idea to send male readers an email with “styles to bring out your beauty” in the subject line. Yes, you will have those guys buying for a family member or spouse, but your email will likely hit the trash folder.

Spam Folder strikes again!

Your business may also be losing out due to your company’s email promotions going straight to the recipient’s spam folder. This is a common mistake frequently made by companies. Avoid subject lines with all caps or suspicious wording like “free” or “winner”. Spam folders have become brilliant at detecting these specific triggers and hiding emails.

It’s not just the subject line that has an impact, the content of the message you are sending plays a vital role as well. If your email is full of grammatical errors or you have a large image with no text, this can send you into the dark abyss which we all know as the junk folder. One or too many attachments can be just as devastating, which is why if you can, don’t send them.

With all this information in mind, your company should achieve a better email open rate.  If your communication isn’t compatible on every platform, you could be missing out on additional sales and subscriptions. Let us know what kind of email marketing strategies work for your company in the comments below. As always thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog “Are Your Potential Customers Reading Your Emails?”. If you have any questions, we at Rezz Tech would love to hear from you!


-Austin Miles

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