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How To Remove The Banjo Ransomware / Virus

How To Remove The Banjo Ransomware / Virus.

If you find your self in this situation and have to remove the Banjo Ransomware we suggest you follow our guide. This is something we only recommend an experienced person tries. If this is something you do choose to do yourself we are giving you a fair warning now. This is only a suggestion, this…
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Banjo Ransomware

What is the Banjo Ransomware / Virus?

The Banjo Ransomware / Virus is a new form of the Phobos ransomware. This ransomware infects a users computer and even a network and will encrypt all of their files. Currently, there is no way to decrypt these files after the Banjo virus has encrypted them. So if you are reading this in hopes of…
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Capital One has been hacked resulting in over 100 million applications and accounts being compromised

With the Capital One Hack, this marks one of the largest data breaches ever, with a hacker gaining access to 140,000 Social Security numbers, 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers, and 80,000 bank account numbers. With an unknown number of names, addresses, credit scores, credit limits, balances and other bits of information. This hack took…
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If you’re looking for a DNS that allows you to browse the web faster and more private, then you need to check out DNS. For those of you that don’t know nearly everything on the web starts with a DNS request. Think of DNS as a yellow page for the internet. Everything you can…
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Cyber attack Takes Baltimore Hostage for the Third Time

Cyber attack Takes Baltimore Hostage for the Third Time. The city has fallen victim to another ransomware cyber attack for the third time crippling its government computers. This marks the second attack in the span of 15 months. On May 7, around 10,000 government-owned computers were digitally confiscated by hackers using ransomware known as “Robbin…
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Your Windows 10 Password Could Be a Thing of the past Soon

In this day in age, you won’t find a device that lacks password authentication capability. While almost every computer, phone, and tablet in the country are protected by a password. Besides, companies are coming up with new ways to protect their devices. Microsoft is the latest example of this. They just recently announced that Windows…
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