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Chromium Badges Slow Websites

Chromium Badging Slow Websites?

Chromium released a blog a few days ago about web speed being one of their core principles. In the blog which can be found here, they want the web to do better. The statements made by Chromium are something we can stand behind at Rezz Tech. That’s why in the future, Chrome may identify sites…
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Google Camera 7.1 Update

The Google Camera 7.1 update started rolling out a few days ago and with it comes a new UI, Framing hints, and the social share feature. This comes before the Google Pixel 4 launch which we will post a blog about in a few days. Which thanks to a ton of leaks we happen to…
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Google reaches a major mile stone in quantum computing

Google Reaches a Major Milestone in Quantum Computing

Google may have just set a milestone in the quantum computer area. Or did they? Based on a paper on a NASA website Google was able to achieve a feat known as “quantum supremacy” otherwise known as the ability for quantum computers to solve problems current Tech couldn’t dream of solving. However. The paper has…
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Google Calendar is Down

If you use this service, then all meetings are canceled today! Today Google Calendar has been hit with what seems to be some widespread issues. Currently, this is the only Google service that we know about that has been affected. You can check the status of Google products here. Currently, the issues with Google Calendar…
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What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?

It’s no secret that Google utilizes an elaborate algorithm to rank your company online and in this blog “What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?” we will go over that algorithm. Despite the complexity, you and your business can easily manage where it shows up in Google’s organic search results by following some simple…
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