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Never Over Promise Always Over Deliver

Samsung Note 10 & 10 + Features

Samsung Note 10 & 10 + Features and Specs

Its no secret that the Samsung Note 10 & 10 + are the flagship phones for Samsung. Each year when they are shown to the public for the first time they come with so many features it makes every fan excited about getting the newest and greatest. In this blog we are going to go…
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Now we have all seen a scam, but this one that we named “CONFIRM YOUR PARTICULARS ON REPLY.” is truly something else. What we have seemed to notice is that this one is aimed at businesses. However, I am sure they aim at anyone they can. So take a look at the email below! Email…
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Top Password Recovery Tools for Windows

Forgetting a password can be extremely frustrating especially if you’re in a hurry. Many times, there is a process to retrieving/resetting an old password which none of us have time for. How about we go a step further and pretend you have forgotten the administrative password to your windows computer. There is no “forgot your…
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Why We Choose to Support Step for Me- a Multiple Sclerosis Non-Profit Foundation

It’s not often that we release a post such as this, but there’s an organization in the Charlotte area truly making an impact on people- and we are proud to be a part of it! For the last couple of years, Rezz Tech has partnered with a non-profit foundation called Step for Me. The organization…
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