Domain Hosted Email

A custom email domain presents a sense of authenticity and professionalism to your clients. If your company has not already implemented its brand within each email domain, it should be highly considered. Doing so eliminates confusion and makes a company look bigger then they might be. Regardless of company size custom domains are a must. Trust Rezz Tech to provide the solution!

Why Do I Need a Custom Email Address?

The purpose of a custom email address is to ensure that potential customers know exactly who and what your band is and that you are a professional in your respected field. The email addresses built through Google or Yahoo and left as @gmail and @yahoo can come across as unprofessional when provided to a client. Spend the extra money to have a custom email domain built representing your specific brand.

Email Address Standardization

Domain Hosted Email

Email standardization is important when you already have your own custom email addresses, but they are all structured differently from each other. Having unity within your custom email addresses by formatting each user the same way is important for both in-house and customer ease. For instance, you can set your email address to be This helps provide consistency for each user within your company and helps your clients remember the formula for your business emails.

Security of a Domain Hosted Email Account

Custom domain hosted email accounts can act as a safety net for your business as it grows and experiences turnover. If an employee is forced to use a personal email account, it poses a confidentiality threat if they leave your company. With client information and access to company data, there isn’t a way for you to moderate their account after the fact. Having a company owned and managed email system will avoid any headache regarding security. Above all, your company will have the ability to monitor activity while someone is employed.

With a domain hosted email, you will be given the ability to reset passwords for any account necessary. Our access allows you to delete accounts and set up Alias’ and forwarding to other email accounts as well. With this control, you can ensure no employee can walk away with company information through emails.

Free Marketing with a Branded Email

Have you ever looked at someone’s email address and it led you to their website? The domain of your custom hosted email poses as free marketing that wouldn’t come from a free generic run of the mill account. If your domain is a clear representation of your business, it should act as a marketing medium increasing your clients in the long haul.

Domain Hosted Email

Unlimited Email Alias as You Want

If you are a one-person shop then you handle the work, accounting, billing, sales and everything in between. With a domain hosted email, you can create emails for different departments that filter to you. For example, you can create a,, and have them all pointed to one account. This gives the impression that your company is larger then what it is and that the corresponding email is being sent to the right place.

Certainly, a domain hosted email is the smart choice if you want to show clients you are serious about your business. With a very low monthly cost, you can take your business to the next level. If you have any questions about a domain hosted email account, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment or filling out the form below!