Facebook Ad’s

Facebook Ad's

When growing your own business, you have various platform choices for marketing. Do you know which ones are correct for you and your company? Obviously, it’s important to know who your target audience is to ensure that you are delivering your message to the right people. Luckily Facebook has become so neutral due to increased popularity that it captures almost any demographic you can think of. Facebook acts as an excellent choice for almost any company’s advertising efforts. 

Why Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook presents the option to target almost any demographic easily and efficiently. This social platform is an excellent low-cost marketing medium for almost any business out there. Most companies can use Facebook to reach a greater number of people for a fraction of the price that any other marketing avenue would offer. The utilization of Facebook for marketing purposes will almost always yield results in the form of conversions and profit. This makes Facebook one of the most used websites for the common business owner.

What Industry Does Facebook Work Best With?

This is the question that you’re probably asking yourself at this point. Lucky for you, we have yet to find an industry that doesn’t find some form of success/results from Facebook usage. We have witnessed a real estate company sell houses successfully on Facebook by marketing open houses and price drops. They were able to covey the correct message to the right buyer at the perfect time. On the other side of the spectrum, a landscaping business could flourish through Facebook advertising because it can target individuals researching DIY projects and show how cost/time effective they can be for the customer. With Facebook’s effective ad manager, your company’s possibilities are endless!

Facebook Ad's

How Do Facebook Ad’s Work?

The full process is very long and technical, but the short and sweet version is very simple. Every time you log into Facebook from your computer or phone, they are recording data regarding your usage and search patterns. For example, if you are searching for a new computer on Amazon but decide not to buy; something happens. The next time you log in to Facebook you will notice that you are probably seeing ads from major computer companies or from Amazon with products that you looked at or are very similar. This is a very powerful tool when selling to the consumer. After seeing an advertisement so many times the viewer will start to remember it. Then, when the time comes the consumer will most likely purchase that product/service. While this could almost be considered an oversimplification of the process, it gives you a general “behind the scenes” look.

How Much Does Running Facebook Ad’s Cost?

The ROI (return on investment) is the main concern most people have. We’re here to tell you that the potential for a large return is there. However, you must present the right budget to the right digital marketing company to see the results that you’re seeking for. A budget that is too low will result in your ad never showing. If your budget is too large, then you are throwing away money. As for a digital marketing company aspect, you have found the right people! We at Rezz Tech know the Facebook ad manager inside and out.

After much research and testing, we guarantee the correct strategy for you and your company. Advertising on Facebook takes time, so you probably won’t see full results within the first thirty days (some companies make that false promise). No one can promise or guarantee you substantial results within the first month. To find the ads that work best for your company we must run multiple ads while doing A/B testing. If a company promises you will see a high number of impressions and you do not see a lot of clicks or leads, then the ads are not effective.

Facebook Ad's

What is a lead?

Unlike most marketing companies we only count a lead if they click to call, click on Maps, or click to fill out a lead form. Those are the only true leads in our eyes. Regarding the overall cost, if you choose to have a digital marketing company run your ads you will be charged fees from that company and the cost of the ads.

Overall, Facebook ads have a great chance of helping your business sell more products/services. By choosing Rezz Tech you can ensure that you have the right digital marketing company in your corner. If you want to learn more about how our company can help your business with Facebook ads, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below. If you aren’t positive that you are receiving the most effective service from your current digital marketing company, let us know. We can analyze their performance to expose if your money is being invested correctly.