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Running a business requires you to wear several hats. One of those hats includes digital marketing. Now we at Rezz Tech know your good at what you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be running your own company. However, when it comes to things like Google AdWords no one expects you to be a subject matter expert. That’s where we at Rezz Tech do our best work.

Growing your business with PPC

Google ads are a great way to put your product or services in front of customers. By getting your business in front of customers when they start searching for businesses like yours. This includes when they search on Google’s search engine, and Google Maps. The great thing about Google Ads? Only pay for results, when someone clicks on your website or calls your business.

Rezz Tech Google Ads
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How Does Google Ads work?

PPC ads work like this. When someone searches for keywords similar to your business an ad shows up. For example, if you own an auto repair shop and someone search car repair an ad would show! If you offer other services such as oil changes or tire rotation ads can be created for those services as well.

Should you run ads on Facebook or Google?

Choosing to run ads on Facebook or Google is a question that we get all of the time. If you ask ten different marketing companies you will get cases made for both. Some will say that everyone has Facebook so that is the best place to advertise on. Others will say Google has proven to work time and time again. So which one should you run ad’s on? That’s simple. Both. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use both platforms for your benefit. They are both great at bringing customers to your door and helping your business grow. So no reason to remain loyal to only one.

Google Ad’s

Why Rezz Tech?

Now the moment of truth. Why should your business use Rezz Tech? The answer is simple. Our results speak for themselves. Most marketing companies will tell you that they are the best at what they do. Or that they know what they are doing and after a few months of trying them. You find out that they over-promised and under-delivered. We at Rezz Tech let the results speak for themselves. Plain and simple. File out the form below or give us a call at (704) 944-3125 and see why our clients call us a partner.

Areas we Service

We provide IT support, Computer Repair, Cloud Back up, Ransomware, IT support for businesses, networking, firewall, data backup, website creation, website hosting, local listings, Facebook ads, Google ads, email blast, a main hosted email to local businesses. The areas we service are the Concord NC, Huntersville NC, Charlotte NC, Mooresville NC, Cornelius, Kannapolis NC, Davidson NC just to name a few!