Google Calendar is Down

Google Calendar is Down

If you use this service, then all meetings are canceled today! Today Google Calendar has been hit with what seems to be some widespread issues. Currently, this is the only Google service that we know about that has been affected. You can check the status of Google products here. Currently, the issues with Google Calendar being down is affecting users around the world.

Google Calendar Down
Error Message users are getting while trying to use Google’s Calendar

Google Calendar Down twice?

This outage comes in the same month when Google say Youtube, Gmail, and Snapchat were taken offline because of problems with Google’s Cloud services. On a side note, this outage happened roughly one hour after Google’s G Suite Twitter account sent out a tweet promoting their Calendar’s ability to make scheduling simpler. Luckily for us at Rezz Tech we do not use this app through Google. Once this service is back up or when we find out what caused this issue we will make sure to update this post.

What to do now?

Now the big question. What to do now that your appointments are not coming up? Take the day off of course! No reason to stay at work if your not able to make those meetings / appointments on time right? One thing that we strongly suggest that you don’t do is flooding your local help desk with ticket request about this issues. Nothing is worse than working at the help desk and getting a flood of calls, emails or the quick “hey what about this or can you fix this” stop in the hallway. Trust us on this, your help desk knows about the issue and they know there is nothing they can do about it. Besides, you don’t honestly think they could fix an issue like Googles Calendar being down working for your company? Right?

Its Alive!!

Update: Google has all services up and running again! Yay!

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