Google Reaches a Major Milestone in Quantum Computing

Google Reaches a Major Milestone in Quantum Computing

Google reaches a major mile stone in quantum computing

Google may have just set a milestone in the quantum computer area. Or did they? Based on a paper on a NASA website Google was able to achieve a feat known as “quantum supremacy” otherwise known as the ability for quantum computers to solve problems current Tech couldn’t dream of solving. However. The paper has since been taken down but not before being seen by a company called “Financial Times“.

Google has been attempting quantum computing for a long time. Along with IBM, which happens to be one of their biggest critics for this achievement. Over the years Google has been working on quantum computing using a system they developed using a 72-qubit system. Which proved to difficult even for Google to control. They then switched to a 53-qubit system named Sycamore. Which is the system they used for the breakthrough.

What did it actually do?

Now, what did this computer do that makes a milestone you may ask? Well, that’s simple, to the computer at least. This new computer solved a calculation that proves randomness of numbers produced by a random number generator. In 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The world’s most powerful supercomputer Summit would have taken roughly 10,000 years to solve this problem. Now we at Rezz Tech are no Math wizards. But we would sit next to the quantum computer every day in math class.

While we just talked about the system Google used let’s go over what quantum computing is and what it means.

What is Quantum Computing

When you’er talking about quantum computing there are a few key things to understand. The first is what a qubit is. They are basic units of information. Now compared to regular computers that use bits that use either 1’s and 0’s. With something called superposition quantum computers are able to use both 1’s and 0’s at the same time. Hints their increased computer abilities.

What does this mean in the long run? You have more power. Thus, can solve harder problems thus it’s a better system. If you’re a computer nerd like us, then it also means better games and graphics in the future. Fingers crossed.

Google’s Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Hold On

Now this milestone created by Google has one major critic. IBM. They claim that this should not count as anything special or unique. The reason why? Is that this quantum computer was created by Google for one specific task. Which was to solve this problem. Does that take away from this task? To IBM it does. Which has their own quantum computer. Now their computer does offer more general functions. But has issues with heat. Which for anyone that has tried playing PUBG can relate. (That’s a joke please don’t sue us Bluehole)

What does this mean for encryption?

Now with so much power what does this mean for encryption? Luckily this tech is several years out from being commonplace. However, it does mean that in the furture the encryptions that we know and trust could be useless when put up against these machines. So it’s with high hopes that we are able to come up with encryptions for the future.


What do you think? Do you think this is a milestone I’m quantum computing? Or just something Google did for the glory? Let us know in the comments below!!


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