How to Create a Strategic Content Calendar

How to Create a Strategic Content Calendar

Social media platforms give companies an excellent opportunity to present their unique products, services, or ideas at a very low cost. With this information, it’s no surprise that as of 2019 roughly 91% of companies use social media to distribute their content. If your business is actively using social media or entertaining the idea of it, it’s a great idea to generate a planned out strategic content calendar. This blog will outline some helpful tips and ideas to help you start.

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time finding unique and interesting content to present daily. It’s very easy to get repetitive and forget what was posted months back. Although sitting down to create a content calendar may sound like an unnecessarily time-consuming task, it will keep you organized and on track throughout the week/month.

How Do You Build an Effective Content Calendar?

As we know, the purpose of a content calendar is to keep you organized. There are many options available to you whether it be a paid service through a website, a free template you download online, the use of Excel or Google Calendar, or any other medium you see fit… there’s no right or wrong as long as you stick to it and it’s well organized/developed. After picking one of these options, we recommend taking the following steps next.

Social Media “Audit”

You will literally want to do an “audit” on all social media platforms to familiarize yourself with the content that you have already distributed. Look at which platforms are the most successful and what your typical posting schedule has been. Viewers like consistency so if you’re happy with the amount of content that you’ve been releasing it’s a good idea to stick with the same scheduled days.

A Well-Planned Content Categorization System

It’s a good idea to categorize your diverse content to not only separate different forms of posting (blogs, news, products for sale, etc.), but also to provide yourself with the opportunity to see what posts are popular and receiving more feedback from viewers. Doing so gives you and your company the chance to tweak the content that you continue to release to appease your readers. This optimally should drive more eyes to your brand/website.

Fill Your Calendar with Content

Now that you’ve thought of a categorization system that works for your company’s posting habits, the fun part begins. Start imputing content into your calendar including a title, any media (pictures, videos, links, etc.), and what the post should be categorized as. To help you brainstorm I’ve included some ideas below, but the possibilities are endless!

  • Case Studies, Statistics, or Press Releases
  • How-To Instructions and Tips
  • Theme Based Posting (#TacoTuesday… ok maybe not this, but you get the point)
  • Q&A Opportunity
  • Product Releases and Big Sales
  • Vendor Appreciation
  • Anything else that will encourage feedback from your viewers.

Should Your Content Calendar Just Reflect Your Own Page?

While you have perfected your own pages content now, you also must make it a point to post comments and feedback on other people’s pages. Your content calendar should reflect comments and interaction with other posts as well. Make it a habit to not only include each day’s planned post, but also something such as “Comment On 2 Pages” to make it into a task.


Hopefully, the tips that you just reviewed will aid in your social media organization. There is technically no right or wrong template as long as you and your co-workers can understand/edit and add to it. There are paid services available online, but we’ve found that an excel spreadsheet (built correctly) works perfectly and is FREE. If your company does not have a file share drive established Google Sheets can be a perfect solution. This will still allow accessible members to edit in real time and share changes and ideas throughout your business. As always thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog post. Feel free to post any comments below if you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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