How to Improve the Readability of Your Company’s Website…

How to Improve the Readability of Your Company’s Website…

Creating a website that pleases everybody can be a challenge. It’s a good idea to focus on the importance of a page’s readability score before publishing it online. Readability is extremely vital when it comes to your website content and can improve your company’s SEO level. But why is excellent readability so important and what is it? Readability is what makes your website content easy to understand and navigate through. When you purchase a book, you usually read every word and break down what the message is trying to convey. Unlike hard text, a website is designed to give instant gratification. It needs to be organized meticulously so that the reader can find what he/she is looking for quickly. A recent study conducted by the Norman Nielsen Group proved that the average website visitor reads 20-28% of the words on a given website. Your company’s site needs to convey its message in that amount of content to be given a chance. By following these tips, you can improve your website’s readability:

Font Size

Choosing an effective font size not only helps people see your message better, but it also supports mobile optimization. Text that looks large on a desktop will look huge on a smaller mobile device. You will want to cater to both your vision impaired and eagle-eyed readers though. A good rule of thumb would be to use 16pt font. This text size has been shown to cater to a universal audience and isn’t too small or large.

Text Contrast

It’s important to use good contrast decisions between the text and background of your website. If the words blend in with the rest of the page, it can get to be exhausting for your reader’s eyes. Solid backgrounds are recommended if possible. Sometimes picking a single font color for a busy background can be difficult if not impossible.

Font Style

Creativity…good. Hard to read font styles… bad. Unless you have minimal content on a given page it’s a good idea to use a standard font style. If you must use a “pretty” font, use it with short sub-headings and not in the body of the text. While utilizing a fancy font, use lowercase and capitals to make the words easier to read.

Content Length

Nobody wants to read through lines of unnecessary content. Take out the gibberish. Remember, you only have a small percentage of your website to convey your message to the reader. Instead of scaring the reader with a massive text body, it’s a good idea to separate your content into meaningful, but short, paragraphs. The viewer needs to know what paragraph contains the information they are looking for efficiently.


The use of organizers such as bullet points will greatly benefit your readability score. Using a numbered list or bullet points can help your website get straight to the point. Instead of writing a full paragraph to convey step by step instructions, you can use a segmented list to decrease confusion while increasing readability.


The use of bold sub-headings helps to organize your website. By using these as an “index” for your page, the reader can skim through to find exactly what he/she is looking for. If possible, make each sub-heading larger in size than the body of the text in order to make them stand out.


People like visuals. Pictures not only break up the content on your page but can be informative as well. This can be beneficial because if you have a strong visual, it will most likely be the first thing that your reader sees. If the content of the picture or short caption summarizes the body of your text, you won. 

Recent data published by “Netcraft” shows that 27% of active websites were made using WordPress. WordPress automatically comes with the Yoast SEO plugin which will analyze a page’s readability before the user posts it.  While WordPress dominates the website market, there are free readability tools available through outlets such as Google, Microsoft, and more. It’s never too late to improve the readability of your company’s website. Hopefully you found this blog helpful. As always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this week’s post. If you have any suggestions for future blog content or would like to get to know us, please comment below. Rezz Tech will be back next Wednesday with fresh new blog content. See you then!


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