How to increase user time on your company’s website…

How to increase user time on your company’s website…

As you read this blog “How to increase user time on your company’s website”, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that a good website is the backbone of any business. A web page should be your company’s guiding light for generating new customers. After all, your marketing efforts are intended to direct the viewer to your website in order to achieve a conversion. So, what if you get viewers to your website and they are leaving within half a minute or less? It’s important to make sure your users are spending a healthy amount of time on your website. The following steps will help you increase your site’s visitor duration’s while improving your page’s bounce rate percentage.

Why Did you leave?

It’s likely that you or someone at your company frequently monitors Google Analytics to assess the successfulness of your website. We’ll discuss the top reasons that somebody would leave your website without clicking through it, before we dive into how to fix the problem. The biggest and most common issue that would cause a user to click out of your company’s web page is a poorly constructed site.

The user needs to have the ability to navigate easily and be drawn in within the first 15 seconds for a business to have a chance. Usability plays a big part in this. When a website takes a long time to load, its also dropping customers. A landing page should also be clear and concise so that it doesn’t disorder the viewer. Your company’s message should be obvious and not too wordy which avoids confusion. A website should also be visually appeasing while being genuine at the same time. The user can tell if you actually care about your customers/clients. 

Make it a good experience

There are many things that you can do to conquer the issues we just discussed in order to provide a more successful website experience.First and foremost, you’ll need to have a domain that easily reflects your brand. If you own a shed company named Premiere Sheds Inc., you wouldn’t want to have a domain like One might be able to guess it’s a shed company, but it isn’t clear that it leads specifically to your company or what is sold. Frequent website updates also help lower bounce rate percentages because you don’t have the same content all the time, which in return, aids in avoiding slower load times and hacking threats. Another good idea is to test your website in order to avoid dead links.

Dropping a user off at a 404 page is never a good thing. The use of a concise navigation bar on your company’s web page is a crucial component. Most of you can probably recall a time that you’ve been on a website that requires you to scroll down to find specifically what you want. You will want an organized and easy to use navigation bar on the top or side of your web page that allows users to immediately get to the information that they are looking for. If you are planning to put a CTA that generates user information (which you should), you will also want to make that look eye catching and unique. Nobody finds joy in filling out a form, so make it as fun as possible for the user.

Hire a security guard

At the end of the day, security plays a major role in user retention on your website. All the content we just discussed is very important,but even if your website fits all the criteria you will need to make sure the reader feels safe and secure. A company can manage this in numerous ways. If your business is relatively new and hasn’t built good brand recognition, it’s a good idea to start out with usable social media links that show your company is genuine and has nothing to hide.

It’s also smart to acquire an SSL for your company’s page in order to tell not only the reader, but Google that your page is safe. Since safety plays a key role, another great practice would be to include a third-party security badge on your website in order to put the viewer at ease and remind them that they are secure while browsing. Lastly you should provide multiple locations to request help throughout your website. Place a contact button in both the header and footer in order to show you are available to assist.


Once again, thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog “How to increase user time on your company’s website” here at Rezz Tech. By following these tips, you and your company will provide a better customer web experience. While at the same time lower your bounce rate. If you have a suggestion for a future blog, we would love to hear it in the comments below. Remember to follow us on our social media platforms and we will be back next Wednesday with new blog content. 


How to increase user time on your company’s website Rezz Tech INC

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