iOS Background Lock Screen Resizing Issues workaround

iOS Background Lock Screen Resizing Issues workaround

Are you having issues with the iOS Wallpaper Resizing feature and have you tried to assign an image or logo as a wallpaper on your iPhone only to find that it was too large resulting in an improper fit within the parameters of the screen? This is due to Apple’s resizing feature. Luckily there is an easy fix to this in which we will go over in the blog with photos.

iOS Resizing will not shrink photo to fit screen.

Follow these steps to fit the photo you want on your iPhone!

Click on the Photos application and find the photo you want to use.

When you located the photo you want to have on your background / lock screen click on edit. This will put a black boarder around your image. Take a screenshot of the image. Click on the image to remove the default editing tools that appear.

Go to Settings (Gear Icon)

Then proceed to Wallpaper and select the screenshot that you just took. This will allow you to get the image you want to fit on both the background and lock screen. While the image will be smaller it will at least fit (somewhat) on your screens.

There you go! While it may not be perfect for the iOS wallpaper resizing issue and this is not the way that we at Rezz Tech like to fix issues it will at least get the job done. Apple may get something to fix this or they may not. Only time will tell.


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