Is a middle schooler marketing better than your company?

Is a middle schooler marketing better than your company?

In today’s blog “Is a middle schooler marketing better than your company?” we will be going over social media marketing. We all live in a world full of posting acronyms and hashtags online, where everything is said within a short character limit consisting of improper English. If you have a teenage child, you know exactly what lingo I’m referring to. Currently, social media platforms have become so popular and widely used for personal recreation and sharing, but are businesses really utilizing this valuable resource to its full potential? I mean sure, anybody can create a professional looking social media profile for their company in a matter of minutes.

Think about it though, is that initial setup enough to draw people in? It’s crucial for a business to know how to properly manage their social media pages with regular posts and up to date information. Big industries have employees who handle their marketing full time, but it’s important for a small business to be marketing themselves on these platforms just as much, if not more. If you just started a business, why not start marketing yourself on one of the most inexpensive and effective tools out there? Generating company or product brand awareness on a platform people use every day is the smartest way to go. For the sake of this blog post, I am going to go over how to successfully use hashtags in particular to promote your business.

Social Media

When your company makes a social media post, think about what it will convey to the viewer. Are you trying to advertise a product you sell? Maybe the post is regarding a service you can provide? It could even be a big sale you may be having. All these things can be promoted through the simple use of hashtags. There are many reasons that make hashtag usage so valuable in the professional world. First and foremost, you can reach a very specific target audience through the usage of a hashtag on your post. Somebody may be looking for a specific product, but not necessarily for your company. The hashtag will put your company’s page in line with that potential customer’s search.

It’s free marketing! It took two seconds to type the symbol and word, but you just potentially put your name out to thousands of people who wouldn’t have found you. The implementation of hashtags can also show you and your colleagues what the competition is getting into. You will most likely be posting the same general content, but you can see how the other companies stack up to yours. When comparing, it’s a good idea to analyze strategies and blog ideas from your competitors in order to perfect your own. Many people don’t realize it, but post-sale hashtag benefits are present as well. Most of the time when you think of using a hashtag, you’re going to use it to promote more business and gain customers/clients. After somebody purchases from you, they may contact you in the form of hash tagging. It sounds ridiculous, but some customers expect to publish their problems and ask questions with your company’s hashtag attached. By managing them properly, you can get to issues quicker and provide better customer service to your clients.


If your company lacks any new news or content to advertise, it may be a good idea to generate a brand hashtag for your posts. This tag will be the same for all your posts, but it will define your business and drill your company’s name into everyone’s brain. If people consistently see your brand after every post, they will begin to remember it. In a future blog, I will go more in depth on how to effectively use social media marketing to increase your company’s revenue. We at Rezz Tech love to hear from everyone, so please comment! If there is anything you would like for me to write about in the future, please let us know below. Once again, thanks for sticking in there and reading what I had to say. Until next Wednesday!


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