Is Your Company Deciding What Web Hosting Service It Should Use?

Is Your Company Deciding What Web Hosting Service It Should Use?

Deciding which web hosting service you should use may seem like an overwhelming task. There is a plethora of hosting companies available, but two have always been at the top of the list for ease of use, hosting features, and free domain registration- GoDaddy and Bluehost. For the sake of this blog, we will discuss the difference between these two platforms and why we prefer one over the other. Keep in mind there are many package options offered by each company, so some of the following benefits may not apply to the basic package offering.

What Both Platforms Offer:

  • The cPanel Control Panel (Allows you to complete several tasks such as manage security settings, uploading files to your website, domain and subdomain management, backup management, and much more)
  • The ability for WordPress-specific hosting.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth- This controls how much traffic your page can handle, which is very important when choosing a web hosting service… probably why GoDaddy and Bluehost are consistently at the top of the rankings.
  • No additional charges for backups.
  • 24/7 Customer Support through email, phone or online chat.
  • A money-back guarantee (GoDaddy trial run depends on the billing choice- Bluehost gives the user a 30-day guarantee)

Bluehost Benefits:

  • The freedom to host many websites with multiple domains- GoDaddy requires you to stick to one single webpage without the ability to add any additional domains.
  • Consistently lower in price than GoDaddy.
  • More capability with WordPress- In fact, WordPress recommends that their users use Bluehost
  • Included SSL Certificate (GoDaddy charges $7.99/mo)

GoDaddy Benefits:

  • Although both Bluehost and GoDaddy offer WordPress hosting, GoDaddy can make it easier for the user by the platform essentially “managing” their experience. (initial installation, software updates, simple page editors, prebuilt websites, etc.)
  • Faster server response time than Bluehost and less total downtime.
  • Automated Backup Capability (Bluehost requires manual backups from the user)


Although the list goes on, I believe I covered the top factors you should rely on when making the decision between these two companies. At a lower monthly price and more flexibility, we at Rezz Tech find Bluehost to be the true champion for our needs. If your company only requires one domain and one website, GoDaddy should be a good option as it’s less complex compared to Bluehost. Neither platform is a bad choice, they just cater to a slightly different audience.

Hopefully, this outline aided you in your search for which web hosting service should you use. However, if you or your company are looking to have your website professionally designed and hosted, feel free to reach out to us at Rezz Tech. We provide affordable options that will be sure to direct attention to your business! Thanks for taking the time to read this week’s blog post. If you have any comments or suggestions for future blog topics feel free to comment below.

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