Managed IT

Operating a business requires you to put on several different hats to keep it running smoothly. Allow Rezz Tech to relieve your company by assisting it with all of its IT needs. Our expertise includes managing firewalls and servers all the way to basic troubleshooting for hardware/software issues. Below are some of the several items we cover.

Managed Firewall

Your firewall is one of the most important pieces of your network. A firewall protects your business by blocking unwanted/harmful traffic. When it comes to programming and upkeeping your firewall, you want to make sure that you are choosing the correct company for the job. By choosing Rezz Tech, you can rest assured that your network will be safe and secure. Rezz Tech will take care of everything while making sure that your company is running on the latest firmware.


Your network represents the backbone of your company. Network speed usually contributes to most customer complaints. A slow network can be vulnerable to attacks and cause serious issues if it’s not managed properly. At Rezz Tech, our networking team will set up your network correctly the first time to ensure a secure and user-friendly experience. Our services include managing switches, routers, VLANs and much more. Trusting a single company to establish and maintain your brand’s network from start to finish will not only reduce cost but headaches as well. Having one company set up and handle your network will ensure the best results because they will know the structure inside and out.


At some point in a company’s lifespan, its hardware will probably fail. While it may be threatening to business, Rezz Tech can spring into action to resolve the issue quickly. Our company goes the extra mile when troubleshooting hardware failures. Most IT companies will just replace everything with their own equipment, which can be costly. Here at Rezz Tech we will test and troubleshoot before we suggest replacing anything.


Software issues present themselves at the worst times it seems. Rezz Tech has the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot these problems quickly so that your company is up and running in no time. Ranging from Windows issues, Outlook problems, and software that is custom to your business, we can handle it all.