New Apple releases!

New Apple releases!

If you’re an Apple fan, then you will be pleased to know that Apple plans to launch the AirPods 2 and AirPower. While we couldn’t pinpoint a date, the launch is planned to be imminent. This was leaked after Apple’s surprise release on Monday regarding the new iPad Air and iPad mini.

Whats New?

On Monday, March 25th Apple has plans to show several new products including their new TV service. Currently, we don’t have any information on the hardware, but we suspect that they will go over the subscription options to be available. These products will not be in store and they will not ship until after the event on Monday. These Apple New Releases should make alot of Apple fans happy.

iPod Touch

The iPod touch will be getting its first major upgrade since 2012. The focus on the new model will be the improved hardware. This hardware will have an increase in ram and the newer more powerful A12 chip. This product will ship with the new iOS 12.2. With these upgrades gaming on this device should see a great improvement over the 2012 model. Since the iPod shuffle and nano were discontinued in 2016 it was widely thought that the touch wouldn’t be far behind them. Instead Apple has decided to keep the touch and improve on it which we think is great.

AirPods 2

The AirPods 2 will ship in a brand-new case that will allow them to charge wirelessly with what Apple calls AirPower. As of right now, nobody knows if they will work with other wireless chargers. Like their phone chargers, we are guessing that they will have a specific wireless charging platform that will be required. The AirPods will also have an improved dust, water, and sweat resistance with improved sound and bass. The price point will stay the same at $159.


With the hopes that everything goes well for Apple’s AirPower we should see a release soon on it. They did have some issues in 2017 when the release date was 2018. Apple then announced that they canceled the original project to focus on a reworked wireless accessory. This device should charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods 2. However, the AirPower only has the ability to charge two devices at once. We at Rezz Tech are excicted to see these new releases! If possobile we will grab a few and do a few reviews.


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