Red Call to Actions: Should You STOP?

Red Call to Actions: Should You STOP?

Have you ever been driving down the street thinking about everything but the real task at hand… simply getting from point A to point B safely? Next thing you know you come up to a red light and wouldn’t you know it, you have just stopped the vehicle without even thinking about it. We have all subconsciously trained ourselves that red means stop or even the chance that danger awaits. Red is a color that typically conveys negativity. So, should you use the color red with a call to action button? The following blog will discuss this controversial topic. Something as simple as a color can help your company maximize its conversions, which in return, can generate more return for your money. But what color is the correct color to use or is there even such thing as a “perfect color”?

Stay Positive!

Let’s talk about which colors reflect positivity, while on the other spectrum of things, the shades you should stay away from when marketing your company. Since we all know that red is the universal sign for “stop” and “no”, does it really make sense to use it with a call to action button? After all, you want to maximize conversions, not steer people away. Now, let’s say you go to a funeral… my condolences. When you look around at the congregation everyone will likely be wearing black, which is often associated with sadness or death. On the other hand, when you go to a wedding you often see white everywhere. The color white (if you consider it a color) is traditionally tied to positivity, new beginnings, happiness and purity. This is a good example of relating specific colors to an emotion or feeling, but isn’t something I would want you to utilize on your website or advertisements. In a marketing application, I wouldn’t recommend using either color due to them each being too transparent and easy to look over. You want to pick a color that makes the link noticeable and unique to the page. Crazy enough, statistics show that the most common colors used to promote clicks are red, green, and orange.

But I Don’t Wanna

When advertising your company’s product or service, it’s important to think about who your target audience is. Humans are extremely emotional beings. It’s wild to think about, but every color evokes an emotion. Recent studies suggest that people will click on something because of how it makes them feel. If you are promoting a sauna sales and service company, it would make sense to use the orange or red buttons. These shades will promote feelings of warmth and coziness, while keeping the potential customers mind on the product at hand. It wouldn’t make sense to throw an ice-cold blue button up for a company such as this.

Now I want to you put yourself back into that same driver seat we started in at the beginning of this blog. Your car is bright red and you take off on the way to your destination. Like always you go with the flow of traffic (which happens to be beyond the speed limit). Next thing you know, the infamous blue and red lights are in your rear-view mirror. You’ve been busted for speeding, but why was your car picked out of the long line of cars traveling with you? The color red is the most attention-grabbing and brightest shade possible. While we spoke earlier about how people associate the color red with “Hey STOP, don’t click me!”, it is also the case that it will be the most noticeable shade you can utilize. Another theory suggests people love to click on things that seem forbidden or not allowed. Now as silly as this sounds, people could think about a red button like that. It’s the whole psychology around it.


Hopefully this blog emphasized the importance a call to action color can make and put things into perspective for you and your company. I also hope you enjoyed reading this blog. The color debate was a very controversial topic I often heard people discussing on. I figured I would do my own research and report my findings directly to all of you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think it’s ok to use a red call to action for a company or something that should STOP? Don’t forget to follow us on all the major social media platforms, it means the world to us! We will have a tech video ready this Friday along with another blog next Wednesday. On behalf of the whole Rezz Tech team, we would like to pass along the happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your families and look forward to hearing your opinion!

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