Reputation Management

One aspect of being a business owner that is often overlooked is reputation management. What exactly is reputation management you ask? Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual’s or businesses’ reputation. Rezz Tech mostly handles the business one. Basically when someone leaves your business a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any other platform we type up a response on your behalf and post it. This includes both positive and negative reviews.

Why Does Responding To Positive Reviews Matter?

This is a great question. Why does it matter if you respond to any reviews at all? Well, each one has its benefits. Responding to positive reviews shows your customers that you care what they think. A simple customized response shows that you are listening to what your customers are saying. Which will go a long ways for your business.

Reputation Management For Google Reviews.
Reputation Management For Google Reviews.

Responding To Negative Reviews

Taking the time to respond to negative reviews has several benefits. While in most cases you will be unable to help that one specific customer. Future customers will see you going the extra mile trying to make that one customer happy. This goes a long way with future customers. A company that is willing to go the extra mile shows that the customer service provided by that company goes above and beyond. On the flip side, in some cases, it gives you a chance to share your side of the story with that one customer and everyone else looking at your reviews.

Social Media

Social media has become an extremely powerful tool over the past few years. However, with this being said having a negative review can hurt your business. Facebook is a very common social media platform. One that customers can leave reviews and future customers can see them. This is one of the many reasons we stress reputation management. Losing customers over reviews is something all business owners want to avoid.

Facebook Reviews
Facebook Reviews

Getting More Reviews

Now for some businesses getting reviews can be another difficult task. Even more so for businesses like ours that service businesses. However, running into this problem our selves we had to come up with a solution. After several “good ideas,” we came up with a few different solutions. Ranging from shipping postcards with orders, sending emails to ask for reviews. We have several different methods to help your business bring more reviews in.

Why Choose Rezz Tech for Reputation Management?

Why should you choose Rezz Tech to manage your companies social media? That’s a great question. We could try to convince you that we are the best. Or that our years of experience makes us the most qualified. Instead, we will just show you results, just click here. Need more information? Ready to sign up with us today! Just fill out the form below or give us a call at (704) 944-3125!

Areas We Service

We provide IT support, Computer Repair, Cloud Back up, Ransomware, IT support for businesses, networking, firewall, data backup, website creation, website hosting, local listings, Facebook ads, Google ads, email blast, a main hosted email to local businesses. The areas we service are the Concord NC, Huntersville NC, Charlotte NC, Mooresville NC, Cornelius, Kannapolis NC, Davidson NC just to name a few!