Social Media Management

As a business, Social Media Management is probably something you know you need to do. Just something that you can never find the time to do. With the internet, the way it is today, not managing your social media could be costing you, customers. Social media is a great way to get your product/service out to the masses. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube are all great places to put your business. Hiring a company like Rezz Tech can help you reach these customers and give you back time so you can focus on other things that matter.

What Does Social Media Management Mean?

What exactly does social media management mean? Why does it matter to your business? Simple. Posting engaging posts for your followers to see, like, comment and share. The more engagement you get out of your followers the further your post will go. We call this organic reach. By posting engaging content you can reach people that have not found your page and brand your business. When you start to develop a following they will expect content to be posted on a schedule. This is just human nature. Finding the time and content to post for your business can be the difficult part. This is where a company like us comes into play.


By now you have heard of Facebook. Either from the news about their data breach or you have an account. Either way, you know just how big and powerful it is. Facebook allows you to create a free business page and post photos, videos, reviews, etc. Just like a personal profile. The main difference is this is a great way to reach your target audience. Start by creating a business page and inviting all of your friends and watch your page take off! Trust us, for a free page on something this powerful you can’t beat it. The only difficult part is posting on a regular schedule and finding content to post.

Facebook Social Media Management
Facebook Social Media Management


Twitter is another powerful platform. This one is a tad bit more difficult to grow. If you Google “How to grow your Twitter” you will see a ton of different suggestions. From things like following a bunch of people, using hashtags, etc. Now while we strongly suggest using hashtags finding the right ones to use can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. However, having a Twitter account can be very beneficial to your business. For example, if you own an auto repair shop, you can search for tweets in your area such as check engine light, the car is broken, etc. While these may seem like they mean nothing, seeing someone tweet these things you can then reach out to them and try to bring them into your business. This is a very time-consuming task, but the rewards are worth it.

Rezz Tech Twitter Managed Services
Rezz Tech Twitter Managed Services


Another platform owned by the same person as Facebook. We would love to name drop him but let’s avoid any legal action. Instagram is a great place to post photos and use #hashtags to get your business out there. Just like Twitter finding the correct hashtags can be a time-consuming task, but again it is worth the time investment. Using local hashtags can help your local community find your products and services. Growing your Instagram tends to be easier than growing your Twitter. But still requires time and effort to be put into it. Something we at Rezz Tech have perfected over the years.


LinkedIn has become the Facebook for businesses. Recently this platform was purchased by Microsoft. Apparently they saw something in it and we have to agree. This platform has been mostly used as a professional place. Users can upload their resume, skills, education, etc. This is also a great place to find people to hire, third party vendors (such as Rezz Tech) and talk with other like-minded people. They also offer a lead generation tool and we have to say, this has to be one of the most powerful lead generation tools we have seen. If you are a business 2 business company like us then you know the struggle. Trying to find the person that can make a decision about using your companies products/services. If we had to pick just one platform, this would be it. Plus they allow you to create a free business page.

Managing Social Media
Managing Social Media


Now at some point, we have all been on YouTube. Some of us even get lost on it at work or at night. Clicking on one video and then another off of YouTube’s famous “Similar Videos” section. YouTube is another great place to put your content. However, this one requires more effort than the other ones. Not only do you have to record your videos, but you also have to edit them. This can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. But it can be very rewarding. If you reach their minimum requirements you can also be paid for your videos. This is one platform we HIGHLY suggest you hire a company to manage for you. Uploading a video on YouTube and then have it flooded with negative comments about your content, editing skills, or video quality hurts. We have been there and done that. Never again.

Why Choose Rezz Tech To Manage Your Social Media Accounts?

Honestly, there are a ton of companies you could choose to manage your social media. Some of these companies have several teams on standby to produce content for you. There are some really good choices out there. When picking a company make sure that the content they are providing will only be used for your social media and no one elses. We at Rezz Tech provide our partners with unique content that is theirs. Which is extremely important. You can also count on us to post on time and when we said we would. Find out why we are so highly rated! Fill out the form below or call us at (704) 944-3125!

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We provide IT support, Computer Repair, Cloud Back up, Ransomware, IT support for businesses, networking, firewall, data backup, website creation, website hosting, local listings, Facebook ads, Google ads, email blast, a main hosted email to local businesses. The areas we service are the Concord NC, Huntersville NC, Charlotte NC, Mooresville NC, Cornelius, Kannapolis NC, Davidson NC just to name a few!