Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Social media has a ton of Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts, but is an extremely valuable tool for almost any business. Effective communication through social networks can help your company achieve its marketing and branding goals on a regular basis. In this post, we will cover what you should be using social media for and then what practices you/ your company should be avoiding.


Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Post on a regular basis…

This is really the biggest piece of advice we give to our clients at Rezz Tech. You want to develop a routine for your audience to get accustomed to. You should make sure to stay on your customer’s minds without being monotonous or spammy. Consistently releasing engaging and interesting content on a regular basis will ensure that your company’s social following increases.

Complete your company profile…

This sounds self-explanatory, but there are so many companies not taking advantage of the tools that social media provides. When a new customer finds you on a social platform, they will most likely click on your business page. If your business name is the only thing listed the potential customer will probably leave. The bio section is there for a reason- give your reader a rundown of who you are! This will build credibility and give someone a reason to stick around.

Show your audience you’re real…

It’s important to display who you are to your audience. This will not only help them relate to your brand but also build loyalty and trust. Good ways to do this would be to take photos of your team and put them online. If you go to events or host events regularly, post pictures! Doing so will show your audience your company is authentic and isn’t hiding anything.

Personalize your campaigns…

When running campaigns on social media platforms, it’s a good idea to tailor your advertising to unique customer groups. Customers have different needs and interests. If your company runs a mass advertising campaign offering a specific product/ service, you will be reaching people who don’t want to see the ad. Instead, consider the use of targeted/ rebranding campaigns. Through these campaigns, you can customize the content and offers that are presented.


Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Ignore proofreading…

We cannot stress this “don’t” enough! How will you build credibility with your reader if your posts have grammatical errors and flaws? You are trying to generate a following not turn people away from your company. When creating a new post, read it first and fix mistakes. It may be a good idea to download an available browser plugin to help spot sneaky errors that you may not have seen otherwise.

Ignore comments, questions, and messages from followers…

Isn’t the whole goal of social media to connect with your audience? So, if they take the time to engage why ignore them? That defeats the whole purpose of being on social media. Make sure to keep up with activity on your company’s page/ posts and promptly respond to messages and comments accordingly.

Overuse AI services…

These days automation seems to be popping up everywhere including on social media. Automation saves time but lacks the person-to-person communication experience that your customers are looking for. A reader can tell if a message is genuine or not and it can leave a bad taste in their mouth at the end of the day if their response was automated.

Get involved with trolls or negativity…

Scrolling through social media we see this all the time. Somebody posts a comment that could have been ignored but instead, a company defends itself by responding. From there the battle of wits is on. This is very inappropriate for a company to do and waters down your brand name in the eyes of the average viewer. At the end of the day, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Hopefully, if social media marketing is new for you or you’ve been doing it for a while, this post has helped. If you have specific do’s and don’ts and you would be willing to share, we would love to hear them in the comments below! If you haven’t already, please like and subscribe to us on all social media platforms. Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts can be a lot of information at once. However, we suggest that understanding as much as you c

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