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Never Over Promise Always Over Deliver

Google Calendar is Down

If you use this service, then all meetings are canceled today! Today Google Calendar has been hit with what seems to be some widespread issues. Currently, this is the only Google service that we know about that has been affected. You can check the status of Google products here. Currently, the issues with Google Calendar…
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The Benefits of Google Analytics and How to Make the Most of It

The Benefits of Google Analytics are truly uncountable. With it being a free online service that allows the user to gain valuable insight into website and user activity. By studying your company’s analytic data on a regular basis, you can make educated changes to your website based on real data- not just relying on guesswork.…
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Is Your Small Business Utilizing “Google My Business”?

In June of 2014, Google launched an online interface called “Google My Business” in order to make it easier for the average small business to be found through the search engine. Since its release, Google My Business has played a major role in each company’s organic search ranking. Now, what does any of this mean…
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