The Rise of Video Marketing and Practices to Avoid

The Rise of Video Marketing and Practices to Avoid

Video marketing is on the rise and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, statistics have proved that a video on your company’s product or service is more likely to convert than a text or picture advertisement. Last year (2018) more than 500 million hours of YouTube playback was recorded daily and more than a billion users utilized the platform in total (almost a third of all internet users!). While videos are clearly the cream of the crop when it comes to current marketing tactics, it’s important to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by marketers.


If you are one of the billion individuals who stream videos on YouTube, you probably understand the frustration that comes with exaggerated or clickbait titles. This tactic really goes back to “the boy who cried wolf” story as a child. You do not want to hint or promise anything you can’t deliver to your viewer. Your videos should be authentic and trustworthy for the sake of your company’s reputation.


While your company’s videos may be informational and entertaining, the only way to retain a following is through a call-to-action. Typically pitched at the end of each video, CTA’s can be an effective way to persuade your viewers to complete a desired task. This can be something such as “go like us on social media” or “subscribe to this YouTube channel”. Your company has just provided something for your viewers, leave them with instructions on what to do next. If your videos cater to your customer’s interests, the customer should want to do whatever the CTA is.  

Duration of Videos Are Too Long

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re reading this, I’m sure that you have clicked on a video in the past and to your surprise, it was much longer than expected. If you’re anything like me, you probably skipped through it or just closed the video altogether. The average viewer has a very short attention span, so your company’s videos need to be short enough to keep the viewer’s interest and to retain regular watchers. It should be a priority to make your videos as short in duration as possible while still making sure to get your desired point across to your audience.


As far as video marketing is concerned, SEO is usually put on the backburner. Most companies do not take full advantage of SEO tactics within their videos because they either don’t know it’s possible or they don’t believe Google actually uses video presence in their algorithm. Studies have shown that Google ranks your company’s videos in the same manner that they rank your written content. Things such as metadata optimization, keywords, keyword research, and site maps are all applicable to video content.

Only Including Videos on YouTube

This whole post has revolved around YouTube references and statistics, but it’s not the only platform available for your content. YouTube is the most popular platform by far and has every audience you could ask for but Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook and Instagram all present excellent opportunities to share your company’s videos on. Among these, Facebook and Instagram should be no-brainers. The content on these platforms are extremely easy for your viewers to share and on Facebook, you have the ability to run ads that showcases a video of your product or services to potential customers.


Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get a product, service, or idea out to your potential clients. More companies are finding the value in video advertising each day. With an effective campaign and strategy, you can reach additional customers who wouldn’t have read a text ad of the same content. As always thank you for taking the time to read our post this week. If you have any suggestions for future blog post content or have anything to add, feel free to comment below- We would love to hear from you! Please like and subscribe to us on all social media platforms and look out for a fresh new blog a week from today.


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