Trickbot- the Windows Defender Trojan

Trickbot- the Windows Defender Trojan

Trickbot- the Windows Defender Trojan that’s strengthening, and chances are you have heard of it. It’s called Trickbot and its main mission is to gain access to banking credentials and cryptocurrency account information. This banking Trojan possesses the ability to disable windows defender. Developed in 2016, Trickbot targets its victims through emails by spreading malware and has claimed in the realm of 250 million different accounts.

How Trikbot Tries to Gain Access to Information

Trickbot’s most recent attempt to gain access to Windows 10 users is through a fake update prompt. Users have reported clicking on an update page for Office 365, when instead they are downloading the Trojan virus itself. While users are utilizing Windows Defender to protect their computer, the Trickbot developers are using the program as an access point to infect each Windows 10 computer. Windows Defender has made multiple attempts to overcome this weakness but each time the Trojan comes back stronger.

John Opdenakker is an investigative hacker who looked at the problem and stated that the best practice is blocking access to the Windows Registry. This will ensure that users don’t have admin rights by default. However, it does “depend on how advanced the particular malware is of course,” Opdenakker adds, “and Trickbot appears to perform elevation to gain higher system privileges once executed.”

The Amtrust International head of cybersecurity informs users worried about falling victim to use AppLocker- a program that restricts what apps and files users can run. Most people will find that AppLocker is already on their Windows 10 computer, so there is no sense in not using it.

How Can You Avoid Becoming a Victim of Trickbot?

Microsoft’s latest press release regarding the issue informs users to have their computers updated with the latest update and turn on automatic updates to avoid the threat of Trickbot. Many Windows users are still wary of updates because of the issue. Even if Microsoft got an update to correctly combat the Trickbot Trojan, the virus has found its way around numerous attempts made by Microsoft. This Trickbot- the Windows Defender Trojan has caused several issues for our end users.


If Microsoft finally figured out how to combat the Trojan, only time will tell. For right now all that we can do is follow Microsoft’s instructions and wait. Thank you for taking the time to read our latest post and look out next week for our next post. If you have any questions or comments please comment below and we at Rezz Tech will get back to you.  

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