US Coast Guard discloses Ryuk ransomware hack.

US Coast Guard discloses Ryuk ransomware hack.

US Coast Guard discloses Ryuk ransomware hack.

The US Coast Guard discloses Ryuk ransomware hack that recently caused a maritime facility for over 30 hours. Per the Coast Guard bulletin posted December 16, 2019. “Forensic analysis is currently ongoing but the virus, identified as ‘Ryuk’ ransomware,” the US Coast Guard (USCG) said in a security bulletin meant to put other port authorities on alert about future attacks.

Point of infection

It may not come as a surprise to many of you but this ransomware managed to infect these computers by a phishing email. So another good reason to make sure you and your employees know how to spot one of these emails. USCF officials said:

“Once the embedded malicious link in the email was clicked by an employee, the ransomware allowed for a threat actor to access significant enterprise Information Technology (IT) network files, and encrypt them, preventing the facility’s access to critical files,” the agency said.

Coast Guard officials said the Ryuk infection caused “a disruption of the entire corporate IT network (beyond the footprint of the facility), disruption of camera and physical access control systems, and loss of critical process control monitoring systems.”

Increase in Cyber Threats

This bulletin includes advice for preventing infections with the Ryuk ransomware. In July 2018, there was a ransomware attack that was initially reported as an infection affecting the Long Beach Port. In September 2018, the ports of San Diego (US) and the port of Barcelona (Spain) reported ransomware infections within five days of each other.

A report published in December 2018 by a conglomerate of 21 international shipping associations and industry groups highlighted an increase in cyber-security problems aboard ships and in ports where ransomware, USB malware, and worms were found.

This rise in cybersecurity threats to ships and ports, has pushed the US Coast Guard to take notice and act accordingly. Starting this year, the US Coast Goard has begun issuing security alerts for cybersecurity-related threats, and not only for physical damage, terrorism, or piracy issues.

This latest security bulletin is the third such alert the USCG has posted. These first two alerts were about malware designed to impact IT systems found aboard ships, rather than a maritime facility.


Since the US Coast Guard discloses Ryuk ransomware hack, it shows that even the US government can be exposed to ransomware. This is why we at Rezz Tech INC stress the importance of regular backups.

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