What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?

What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?

It’s no secret that Google utilizes an elaborate algorithm to rank your company online and in this blog “What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?” we will go over that algorithm. Despite the complexity, you and your business can easily manage where it shows up in Google’s organic search results by following some simple rules. First and foremost, we need to understand how Google’s algorithm works. Google splits up every search into one of four categories. Results can be separated by thinking about if the user wants to know, go, purchase/ buy, or do. Google wants to provide instantaneous search results that deliver on the consumer’s needs. Let me explain…

  • Know queries: not necessarily ready to move forward with a purchase, this person is researching
  • Go queries: this person is looking for a nearby business or location
  • Purchase queries: this person is ready and willing to buy… Google decides to show them what and how to buy
  • Do queries: this person is searching for answers on how to do something

How To Be Present

Since Google separates each search using these criteria, we should now talk about how to be present at the top of each organic results page. First off, Google is very conscious of their user’s safety. You and your company must be sure to utilize an SSL to have any hope of being at the top of the organic search results. HTTPS sites are not only encrypted but also can build the users trust through authentication. Website age also plays a role in your company’s organic ranking. A new website of the same quality as a page that’s a year old will show later in the search results. Usability is another key factor that makes a huge difference. Your web page must be mobile-friendly and have adequate load speed. People strongly dislike waiting these days. Google knows that a website will need to present a sense of instant gratification. If your web page doesn’t load or isn’t viewable on a mobile phone/ tablet, Google knows and will reflect your organic ranking accordingly.

Semantic Indexing

If you have been with us since the start you know that I have written about the importance of quality web content in past blogs. A smart and well-written website is crucial when attempting to impress Google. You will show up higher in the organic search results page with the use of related keywords and accurate spelling/ grammar. Google calls it “Semantic Indexing” when you add keywords that are a spin-off (but related to) your target keyword(s). It’s not just the quality of the content on your page though, the amount of content plays a big part as well. Statistics released by Google have shown that longer pages will actually rank better. This is all good and well, but you must remember that people want that instant satisfaction we talked about earlier. Even though you might show up higher organically, are people really going to sift through your web page to find what they want? Website length is a balancing act that you and your company should play with to find that perfect sweet spot.


These tips are what I personally believe to be the best when it comes to improving your Google ranking. There are hundreds of suggestions and theories online recommending other ways to improve your ranking. However, the practices we just discussed are definite helpers. Google has not released an official “this is what you need to do in order to rank higher” list, but it has produced case studies suggesting that these suggestions work. Hopefully, your company will utilize these tips to improve its ranking in order to generate more return. If you have any questions or just want to get to know us, please let us know in the comments below. Here at Rezz Tech we enjoy corresponding with our clients/ readers. Please follow us on social media for up to date news, specials, and blogs. As always Rezz Tech would like to thank you for taking the time to read our blog “What Factors Does Google Use to Determine Rankings?” today. We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will continue to have a safe and Happy New Year!  

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